Remember Ariel & Gala?

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Last month we sponsored their vetting and a short stay in medical boarding with our vet. The goal was to get them healthy and then find a foster home. There are so few responsible homes here, and no one stopped up to help them. No dog should live in a cage, so they were moved to the doggie hotel ♥️ Saving a dog from the street is the easy part. Finding a quality life for them to live out the next 10+ years is beyond complicated

Due to new covid travel restrictions, dogs are piling up and we’re running out of options. We are desperately searching for a sponsor for these girls and for the other 11 dogs who are currently living amazing lives in doggie daycare.

A one month stay per dog is $125 usd
PayPal – [email protected]
Thank you for your kind hearts ♥️

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