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If you are an animal rescuer or have you ever rescued an animal from the streets, this text is for you:”When I gave up, I threw myself into this corner and waited for death to come. But before giving up on me, I tried. I ran to a restaurant, to order something to eat … I received a broom.Before giving up on me, I tried to go to bed at the entrance of a pharmacy, because I had been in the sun for a long time and wanted to rest … They threw a bucket of cold water at me. Before giving up on me, I saw my ex-owner again and threw a party for her … She kicked me.Before giving up on me, I thought I had made human friends … but they beat me up.Before giving up on me, I tried to ask for help in the chicken shop, where a beautiful grilled chicken was spinning, and my stomach was screaming … But they threw me out.Before giving up on me, I tried to appear visible to passers-by, but they didn’t see me. So tired, psychologically and physically hurt and very hungry, I gave up. I threw myself here, in a corner away from humans because I’m already tired of feeling pain. I’m scared. I want to leave soon … But then you came.You ignored my grunts, you understood my pain, you respected my space.You didn’t know where to take me, or with what money you were going to help me. I showed you my teeth in an effort to defend myself against you, because I am very afraid of humans, but you said in a baby voice: “everything will be fine now, little one.”Not for me! I got tired! I do not want to fight anymore. But you gave me a bath, you gave me medicine, you gave me an injection and you stayed awake with me. You fed me, you kissed me and you made me think that suddenly, I could change my mind.You came and you didn’t go.You rescued me from the streets and gave me a chance to be happy. In fact, you fought for me, more than myself. Who are you? What eyes are those that you have, that see what the rest of humanity ignores.How to thank you?I wish you don’t blame yourself if I didn’t live long. I am very grateful to you for giving me love in my last moments.You have angel eyes. Thanks for watching ❤️ Now I am in a place where I feel no more pain, hunger, or cold, and nobody mistreats anyone. I met all the little puppies and kittens you already took care of. You are the angel of the strays. Thank you”

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