Some dogs just grab onto our hearts so tightly that our lives are never the same. When we met Frida, we knew she would be our forever dog. For a year she lived with us, slept in bed with us, and we adored her. Last month we made the heartbreaking decision to send her to a rescue in Canada. Our rational brains told us that she was taking up a spot that a suffering street dog surely could fill. Our hearts hated the idea, but we decided to trust the universe. Today Frida lives in Toronto with the same incredible family who adopted her rescue-sibling, Tod. We rescued these two on the same day, and they were each other’s first friends 😭 Thank you Ingrid Slavec Kerrigan for giving them the lives all dogs deserve, Coveted Canines Rescue for your love of Mexi-pups and Sandra Train for making miracles happen 🐾♥️🐾 Never. Stop. Dreaming 🥰

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