Spay/Neuter Campaign

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**a generous donor has offered to match contributions up to $200**

Sweet Guetti, this spay/neuter campaign is dedicated to you and to all the innocent dogs like you who lived and died on the streets. You deserved homes. You deserved to go to bed with a full belly. You deserved familes and love and playtime. You deserved vet care when mange ate your skin and cars broke your bodies. I cry every day thinking about how many of you there were and how many are still out there. I can’t change this, but I can help prevent thousands more like you from being born into the same lonely world. You mattered. You all mattered. Rest in peace sweet angels, it doesn’t hurt anymore…

We need your help… we can’t do this alone. It’s too big. Please donate – $20 usd will spay/neuter one animal – we don’t turn anyone away. if they can’t pay, we pay for them. xo.

Paypal – [email protected]

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