Spay. Neuter. Change the world 🌎

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58 dogs and cats from our little town are now part of the solution 🐾 Little by little we get closer to our goal of no homeless pets in Mahahual. We are eternally grateful to the vet team of Esteriliza y Cambia su Mundo, (Mvz Dulce Hernandez Ramirez, Mvz Alejandra Copca Garibay) Mvz Henry Del Jesus Tuyub, Mvz Eliot Berzunza; Volunteers: Jamileth Leyva Ramos, Ruben Sanchez Hernandez, Michelle Góngora, Kenny Salgado, Michelle Oakes, Sara Edwards, Marilyn Young, Hotel Posada Sac-Nah for being so accommodating to our vets, Wayak Centro Comunitario for letting us use your gorgeous space for the campaign, Mvz Claus Landero & Rafael Valdez for your endless dedication to organizing and managing these campaigns, and to every pet parent who trusted us with your little ones.

Our heartfelt and everlasting thanks to the beautiful humans at Compassion Sans Borders for the grant that allowed us to host this campaign 😘

Total s/n to date: 1674 ✌️♥️🐾

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