A few years ago a beach dog named Pinto wandered into my yard looking for food. His bones were sticking out, and he had a sadness about him that I will never forget. I cried. A lot. He was no one’s dog.

I spent the next few weeks feeding him and nursing him back to health. Since I wasn’t yet living here full-time, I left food and medicine with a local couple who promised to take care of him. When I returned two months later, I learned that he had died.

I knew from the moment I met Pinto that I would start a rescue to help save others from the same horrible fate. He was a sweet, gentle soul who didn’t deserve to suffer the way he had.

Since I moved here a few months ago, I have begun taking in homeless dogs. Lots of dogs. Some have literally wandered in, others I have found alone on the streets and some I have rescued from neglectful homes.

I have received many generous donations in the last few months (thank you). The money is spent on local spay/neuter clinics, medicine for the dogs here at the rescue and outreach programs (free food and medicine) to local communities who can not afford these things.

There is a lot of sorrow here, but one dog at a time, it’s getting better.

Heather Johnson

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