Sweet girl Osa update

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Sweet girl Osa is recovering from (hopefully) her last surgery. Her breast tumors were removed as well as her infected uterus (pyometra). She will be recovering in the hospital for at least another week.

Our hearts break for her. We hope more than anything that soon she will find her forever home and that she will barely remember any of this sadness. When we offered to help she had an infection in her paw – that spread – which led to the amputation – then the pyometra – then breast tumors. Honestly if given the chance, I don’t know that I would put her through all this again, but as each new issue came up, she had already been through so much, it seemed that it would have been for nothing if we didn’t ask her to keep going. Our girl is fighting so hard.

Today we paid the bill for her amputation and 19 day hospitalization ($683 us) and expect another $500 bill for the breast tumors and pyometra. This is a huge chunk of our budget for the year, but there was no way to look into her eyes and tell her we wouldn’t help. So we helped! Because she is worth it.

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