Taco had a rough day yesterday.

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Three years ago he was hit by a motorcycle on the beach in front of our house. The driver didn’t bother to stop. Taco took off into the jungle. For days we frantically searched. After the third night we gave up hope. Shortly after we fell asleep Mocho had a two hour barking fit. We kept getting up to look outside. His barking was incessant. On the 10th or so time Gil got out of bed to shush him/check the yard, he saw him. Taco was curled up crying in a ball outside the front door. We think he was lost in the jungle, and Mocho’s voice guided him home 😭 We rushed him to the ER at first light. The surgeon rebuilt his shattered femur, but he never used the leg again. In recent weeks he has seemed to have a lot of pain in the leg. Yesterday an X-ray showed that the metal plate and screws had come apart from the bone. The surgeon took out all the hardware and we hope that will stop the pain. I am sick thinking about how long this has been hurting him. He’s happy to be home but is super cranky about the cone. We love this animal so much it’s ridiculous 😍

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