This is rescue life living in doggy daycare ♥️

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Baskets for dog beds 🐾 So creative and awesome! Can you even stand it?! Currently we are supporting the stay of our 7 dogs and helping with food and vetting for a handful of others in care. A hotel stay for one week is $30 usd. A homemade dog bed is $5 usd. The kids always need new toys, too. They are basically goats 🐐 All of them were once homeless. Yes, even the babies. We are so grateful they now have their own beds ♥️

Estética & Estancia para Mascotas “A Pata Suelta”

NEW & EXCITING NEWS – Our Canadian friends can now donate via e-transfer to [email protected] We have a Canadian friend/partner/rescuer/donor/cool human who offered to assist us with this.

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