This sweet girl is Paloma (dove in Spanish)

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This sweet girl is Paloma (dove in Spanish). She was following her owner, don Naum, down the street in Mahahual when she decided to trot off after another dog. She was hit by a car. Her owner rushed her to a local rescuer’s house, and our local vet stabilized her as best she could. Because there is no emergency clinic in Mahahual, a kind man transported her to a vet in Chetumal (almost 2 hours away). Paloma is going into surgery this afternoon. The vet team will do their best to rebuild the shattered leg. Her owner is a wondeful man, always bringing dogs on his bike to and from spay/neuter campaigns. He is a man with a lot of love but not a lot of resources, so we are sponsoring Paloma’s surgery and follow up care. So many wondeful people came together to help this pup. There is such goodness in the world.

Will update after surgery. Keep this girl in your thoughts.

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