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Good news: what the caretaker thought were guns shots were not. The vet confirmed she was “poked” with something though no one knows what exactly happened. Her owner suspects a neighbor known for violence. The punctures were pretty deep and she was bleeding and limping when I saw her, but she will be okay!!

Not so good news: She is heart worm and ehrlichia positive but will get treatment. Thanks everyone for your good cheer! xoxo

I got a call today that a puppy of mine who was adopted by a good friend here on the coast was shot. Yes shot. Our local vet is it of town so she instructed me how to help. I made the hour trip down the coast to help our Luna. I gave injections for pain, inflammation and some antibiotics and cleaned and dressed the 4 bullet wounds. Her owner was out of town but is rushing home to get her to an ER vet a few hours from here. The caretaker told me he thinks someone tried to break in and she caught him, started barking and was shot 😓😓😓 please be ok Luna. Please.

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