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**update** Although we committed to spaying this mama, her people decided she will be sterilized in a campaign next weekend with a different group (things change quickly here 😟) If her photo moved you to send a donation, I promise other dogs we are sponsoring are in similarly sad situations. Love to you all.

We were asked to cover the cost of surgery for 11 more dogs in this weekends campaign. This mama is one of them. I asked if she was still nursing and was told “they already took her babies away.” I hate to imagine what that means. The good news is that the owners are willing to let her be sterilized. This Valentine’s Day you can prevent mama pups from having litter after endless litter of babies. I know some of the pics I post are hard to look at. They hurt me too. To my core. But we have the power to change the fate of so many for $20 usd. Please join me.
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