Update on the dog and kitty taken to the vet on Thursday. Our friend, Quentin, told us about an old woman living alone and in terrible poverty. The condition of her animals is beyond sad, but she has no way to help them. When she realized that Quentin kept his promise to return and pick up the dog and cat, she cried. She couldn’t believe someone cared enough to help her. She loves her animals. The dog is a 1.5 year old female who was immediately hospitalized and given a blood transfusion. She will be released on Friday and go to a temp home. We will ask the owner to surrender her to us. Unfortunately the kitty didn’t make it. Her little body was too weak. We will honor her memory by arranging to have all the animals on the property spayed/neutered and treated for fleas/ticks. Thank you to everyone who makes this work possible. Our hearts break all the time, but we are grateful to be here helping those who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance.

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