We met Kika in December 2019 at a sterilization campaign we hosted.

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She was laying motionless on a bench, so very sick from ehrlicia. A local rescuer had brought some street dogs for surgery. Gil saw her and came running to find me. He told me she wouldn’t be going back to the street after the campaign. For over a year she was our baby. Last month we decided that she deserved a family of her own. Our house is pretty awesome for newly rescued dogs, but it’s always chaotic and dogs deserve more time with their humans than we can ever give them. Ours hearts broke into a million pieces when we hugged her goodbye at the airport, but she landed with some genuinely beautiful people. She gets to hang on the couch with her human sibling and has been getting a lot of home cooked meals, although snow booties do not seem to be on her list of favorites. Happy new life sweet baby girl. We miss you more than words can say ♥️ Thank you Paws Across the Water for your love of Mexi pups 🐾♥️🐾

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