Welcome Josie!

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This chunky monkey was abandoned a few weeks ago in front of our friend’s house on the beach road. He saw a motorcycle briefly stop then he saw a dog on the road pacing in circles. This happens a lot here. People either no longer want their dog or they don’t want a stray hanging around their house, so they drive out of town and dump the dog. My friend, who already adopted several strays, took care of her until we could take her in. We’re so happy we can help this little chunkster!! We are not, however, happy that she weaseled out of her collar 2 feet from our front door and ran a half mile down the beach at dusk. It only took an hour and 2 pints of blood lost to mosquitoes, but she’s home safe & sound (kinda pissed but safe 😝)! Welcome to our new little friend… tomorrow will be a better day. Xo.

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