Welcome Poppy 🌺

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Welcome Poppy 🌺 Last week Michelle found this girl in the middle of the highway in Tabasco. She is named Poppy for her antics during the hour and half Michelle spent trying to convince her to get in the car. Apparently she kept disappearing and popping up somewhere else (I have totally seen this – it’s a thing here – like whack-a-mole). Poppy took a chance and trusted the nice human lady. After a visit to our vet she landed here at the recuse. She is currently eating like a champ but is still skin and bones. Her fur is missing and she’s in quarantine for at least the next few weeks while her meds kick in. And by quarantine we mean sleeping in the guest casista. On the bed 😂 She is so sweet. Welcome baby girl. We’re so glad you’re here ❤️

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