Yesterday our partners sent us an urgent plea for help.

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Apparently someone dumped two puppies on the street. In a busy city! These two babies are barely 3 months old and were in traffic šŸ˜” Ingrid and Adriana rushed out to get them and after a brief stop at the vet, the pups are resting at the doggy hotel. Both have been dewormed, bathed and are being treated for ehrlichia. Thank you, as always, to our supporters. Without you these two would still be on the street.

Dumping dogs is the way irresponsible people dispose of unwanted puppies here. This is why we fight so hard to spay and neuter. Puppies are the most adorable creatures on earth, and we are grateful to have them, but we will never be able to save them all. These babies are so very fortunate, but my heart breaks for those we will never see.

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